year 5/6

lesson 1

Konnichiwa! What do you know about Japan? Share 3 interesting things that you know about Japan with your family. Once you have done this, watch the movie and watch and listen carefully.

From watching the movie, create two wonderings about Japan. You may like to watch the movie once more before doing this.

For example,

How many people live in Japan?

What is the name of the red tower in Japan?

What religion do they follow in Japan?

What is the most popular food in Japan?

Once you have written these down, use Google to see if you can find the answer to your wonderings. You may need the help of an adult to do this.

Greeting Song

Do you remember how to say 'hello' in Japanese? Try to say the words below!

Good morning

Hello (used after 10am)

Good evening

Goodnight (before bed)

Activity: Play the game below and revise your greeting words. Say them out loud as you click on them!