year 5/6

Lesson 8


Please print out 1x 'Mottainai-What a waste' PDF and have this displayed for students.

Each student will need a 'Gomi senbetsu sheets( there are two sheets), glue and scissors.

Let's talk about recycling. What does it look like at your house and school? What type of things do we recycle? Where does it go?

Recycling in Japan

Look closely at the pictures. What do you think recycling might look like in Japan? Share your thoughts with a friend or family member.

'Gomi' means rubbish in Japanese. As Japan is a small country it is important to recycle as many products as possible as they don't have the space for landfill. There are many different categories of recyclables.

If something isn't recycled it is called 'Mottainai' which means 'what a waste!'

mottainai .pdf

Zero waste town : kamikatsu

Kamikatsu is a small town in Japan which plans to have zero waste by the end of 2020. Let's watch the video and see how they plan to do this.

ACtivity: Find your gomi

Students will need 1x copy of the Gomi senbetsu sheets (from below), they will also need glue and scissors.

Students will need to cut out the different types of gomi and glue them in the correct box.

If you don't have a printer: You can write the categories below on a blank piece of paper and draw each of the objects on Page 2 in the correct category.

Gomi senbetsu 2.pdf

Additional activity

Students can finish the 'Find your Gomi activity'.


interesting movie and website

Mottainai bike shop in Melbourne

kamikatsu town recently