Please select your year level from above. Sensei will upload weekly activities for students. Students in the younger years will need help from an adult. Once you have completed your weekly task, if you would like to you can move onto the 'Fun and Games' section for further activities.

Year 2-6 students might also like to play Gimkit (select from the Gimkit tab).

If you have any questions or would like to share your work (we would love to see it!) You can reach

Peta or Ken Sensei by email: Remember to include your school, grade and name!

Peta Sensei peta.tracey@education.vic.gov.au or pikeda@lcdelacombe.catholic.edu.au

Ken Sensei kentaro.ikeda@education.vic.gov.au

Have fun!

LUMEN CHRISTI PS STUDENTS - Please note we only have lessons fortnightly.

All other schools have weekly lessons.