Do I need origami paper?! NO- Any paper will do! Printer paper, christmas wrapping etc.

Any size is fine! Bigger pieces are easier for small hands. :)

See this link https://www.origamiway.com/make-origami-paper.shtml to find out how to cut your paper to the correct size.

Origami is a great activity for students as it develops eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, math reasoning, spatial skills, memory, but also patience and attention skills. Origami is a activity for students of all ages (and adults :) !

Tanabata origami

The Milky Way



rabbit (Usagi)

Butterfly (Cho- Cho-)

box (hako)

ice cream (aisu kurimu)

emoji game

*Senior Students*

fish (Sakana)

Perfect for Junior Students!


Perfect for junior students!

frog (Kaeru)

*Senior students*

cat (Neko)

Perfect for junior students


Perfect for Junior Students!

ninja star

DIFFICULT- For big kids looking for a challenge!

Fortune teller

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