Week 1&2

Lesson 1

Materials: Japanese greeting song lyric sheet for display.

Japanese greeting/roll marking (5 min)

Japanese greeting song (10 min)

Onamae wa nan desu ka? Revision - Whole Group using gestures. (10 min)

Revise ga suki/ga suki ja nai desu. (10 min)

Janken - students learn Janken in Japanese - Janken ASHI game.

Lesson 2

Materials: Colour flashcards.

Japanese greeting /roll.

Japanese geography.

Can you find Australia? Can you find Japan? Do you know how long it takes to reach Japan from Australia by airplane? 

If you were to fly from Melbourne to Tokyo directly it would take roughly 10 hours by airplane. Usually you would need to stopover in another country on your way as most airlines do not fly directly to Japan. 

How many islands make up the country of Japan? What are their names?

There are 4 main islands of Japan. Honshuu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu. Honshuu is the largest of these. In total Japan has 6,852 islands. 430 of these islands are inhabited. 

Game : Pacman

Lesson 3

Houses in Japan - introduce いえ

Revise colours 

Maru/batsu game

Colouring activity - kanji colours