year 5 - Out and About - Week 1 & 2

Lesson 1

Materials: Classroom object flashcards.

Greetings in Japanese – mark roll etc (5 min)

Greetings in Japanese – mark roll etc (10 min)

Mr Baseball Clip (10 min)

Japanese etiquette quiz (10 min)

Introduce stationery words. (10 min)

Notebook – no-to

Eraser  -   keshigomu

Pencil  - enpitsu

Ruler  - monosashi

Scissors - hasami


Around the World Game. (20 min)

Lesson 2

Materials: 1x help sheet per person.

Japanese Etiquette You Tube Clip


Give out Help sheet for this term.


Revise numbers. Numbers Clip from last term.

Introduce Japanese money – 2x kanjis and

Quiz students on numbers up to 100. Introduce hyaku, ni hyaku, san, sen.

Pacman Game to practice these.

Lesson 3

Revise numbers - give out numbers sheet.

Introduce 'Ikura desu ka?' and gestures.