How do we celebrate?

Lesson 1

- Greeting in Japanese – mark roll, introduce myself – discuss how bowing shows respect etc

 (10 min)

Revise - onamae wa nan desu ka?  Watashi wa _____ desu.

Festival - You Tube


Lesson 2

Introduce 'Omedetou'.  Omedetou powerpoint. Students write these in their books.

Introduce months of the year - Puni Puni clip.

Write on the board.

Months of the year. Pacman game.

Lesson 3

Christmas powerpoint and prediction sheet

Students make predictions about Christmas in Japan by ticking the boxes, as a whole group we read the Power-point and find out what really happens in Japan.

-          You Tube Clips – KFC for Christmas in Japan


Educandy games – Months of the year – Find these in Teams- Files - Class Materials