Week 5&6

Lesson 1

Greetings in Japanese – mark roll etc (10 min)

Simple greeting song with gestures. (5 min)

School Lunch in Japan (15 min)


Discuss the similarities/differences between Japan and Australia

Focus: Respect – how do student’s show respect towards their teachers? Body language/gestures/language (Sensei/gozaimasu) (10 min)

Revise language learnt so far- greetings, numbers etc – Noughts and crosses (10 min)

Lesson 2

Introduce – ga suki desu – ga suki janai desu including gestures. (15 min)

Up and moving game – suki/janai

Find a partner game – focus language  (10 min)

Hiragana match-up online activity

Lesson 3

You Tube - Independents kids Finish at 3.54

Language focus – whole group p/point

Focus language:


Watashi wa ___ desu.

_____ sai desu.

_____ ga suki desu.

_____ ga suki janai desu.


Match-up worksheet activity

Janken train game – if time.