my place, your place

Week 3&4

Lesson 1

Learning Intention: 

I can describe an object in my bedroom 

Success Criteria: I will be successful when .. 

Use the following language to describe an object in my bedroom.

  noun ga arimasu. noun wa adjective desu

Greeting – roll, rule revision (5 min)

Japan high tech toilets (5 min)

Give out ‘help sheet’ for this term and students glue into books (5 min)

Introduce/revise colours – use these as a whole group focus to build sentences describing an object in our room (20 min)

Shoot a goal Game – colours and sentences (15 min)

Students work in groups to answer questions, if they are the first to answer they get to take a shot. The team with the most goals at the end are the winners.

Lesson 2

Learning Intention: 

I can translate between English and Japanese.

Success Criteria: I will be successful when .. 

I can use my 'learning wall' to find language and translate between Japanese and English

Materials: House flashcards, ooki and chisai flashcards. 

Greeting - roll, rules (5 min)

Pikachu's bedroom powerpoint- focus language (10 min)